Salty Koji with Raw Vegetables

How to use "Salty Koji"?

Simplest way of using it is with raw vegetables. Lets pick a cucumber for example.

1. Peel off part of the cucumber skin length way, making the cucumber stripy looking. :-)

2. Cut up the cucumber randomly into bite-size pieces.

3. Put them in a bowl, then add some of your favorite oil (I often use sesame oil or olive oil) and toss. Just enough oil to coat and marinate the pieces.

4. Add half a tea spoon (2.5ml) of salty koji and toss to give a second coat to the cucumber pieces.

5. Let it sit for a few minutes (less than 5 minutes), and try!

(if you wish to have some extra flavour, add a splash of lemon/lime juice, or chopped fresh herbs).

This is a great way of having the first experience of the power of the salty koji. After this test, start using salty koji to replace salt in any of your cooking and ignore the "stock" part out of the recipes. If you have any questions about how to use salty koji, please drop us an email. :-)

How to use "Spicy Koji"?

Simplest way of using it is just substitute salt, chili, and stock element of your recipes with some Spicy Koji.

This is a very concentrated paste, so start from a little (such as half or even 1/4 of tea spoon). Then, once you get used to using this, you will be able to work out the optimal volume depending on what you are creating, and how much volume of food you are cooking.

Zing level can be controlled by adjusting the volume of the paste. If you like the same effect without chilli, try our Salty Koji or Tamari Koji.