Rich Brown Rice Miso

Rich Brown Rice Miso (Genmai Miso)

Amongst the various miso varieties, Brown Rice Miso boasts the most intricate flavor profile. Typically, it exhibits a viscous texture with a glossy appearance and a deep amber hue. This miso variety stands out for its heightened oil and mineral content, owing to the presence of bran components. Its taste is notably distinct from that of Traditional White Rice Miso.

Available as Medium and Aged.

Medium Rice Miso – (12 - 18 months)

Caramel brown in colour, and mellow well combined flavour. If you relate Miso to cheese, this medium rice miso is equivalent to Edam cheese. 

Aged Rice Miso – (2 Years + )

Almost black in colour, and it is a full body with a hint of tangy flavour. If you relate Miso to beer, this aged rice miso is equivalent to Stout beer.