Amazake Drinks

Fizzy Ama-zake & Lime Drink (175ml)

Mix the three ingredients above.
This is a very refreshing summer drink, or after sport drink at any season of the year.
This could be served as a mock-tail as well.

Traditional Hot Ama-zake Drink (170ml)

This is a traditional Japanese hot Amazake drink. Mix all the three ingredients in a cup. If you like a really rich creamy comforting drink, replace hot boiling water to milk (soy milk, cows milk, almond milk).

Dark Amazake Shake

Simply blend 60g, Adzuki Amazake, 60g White Rice Amazake, 60g Soy Milk,
9g Coconut Cream, 60g Ice Cubes and enjoy!

Ama-zake and Lime Mini Dessert

Arrange the ingredients as photo shows, and enjoy! Don't forget to splash a little bit of lime juice on the top.