Asian Stir-Fry

Asian Stir-Fry

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make stir-fry with less preparation time? You still need to chop up some bits and pieces of vegetables from your fridge, but after that, all you need to do is heat up your frying pan and cook your vegetable with a small volume of this Asian Stir-Fry Mix concentrate.

A perfect balance of sweet and sour with slight chili effect. Not overly sticky but giving a shiny finish.

This mix contains no thickener nor water (filler!), no unnamed “flavours” nor mysterious “yeast extract” and no sugar!

In fact, the key flavour is coming from Sasakani Kobo’s other base products: Tamari Koji, Spicy Koji, and Brown Rice Miso!

This means that you only need to add a small amount, because all of our products have a very concentrated flavour.


  • Sesame Oil - 2tsp

  • Fresh Shiitake Mushroom - 30g thinly sliced. (Oyster mushrooms can be added too.)

  • Ginger, finely chopped - 5g, to taste

  • Roughly chopped shallots - 10g

  • Finely sliced carrots - 10g

  • Salty Koji - 1tsp

  • Firm tofu (pre marinated) - ~60g diced

  • Capsicum and Purple Cabbage - ~40g each, sliced

  • Beans, Snow Peas - ~50g

  • Asian Greens - Bok Choy or similar 160g, separate thick stems from leafy parts

  • Sasakani Kobo Asian Stir Fry Mix - ~2-3tsp + 1tsp for topping

  • Toasted Sesame Seeds - sprinkle


  • A Stir-Fry will cook fast, so prep your ingredients in bowls beforehand. Put stems of greens, plus beans/peas/etc in a bowl for blanching. Put sliced mushrooms into a bowl coated with a little sesame oil and salty koji, leafy greens in a bowl tossed in just a splash of oil.

  • Heat a large fry pan on medium heat. Add Sesame Oil, Ginger, Shallots, Carrot and Shiitake Mushroom and cook for 30 seconds. Add a little salty Koji and quickly mix with ingredients to coat them. Increase the heat.

  • Add Tofu to the side and fry both sides. Add Capsicum and Purple Cabbage and cook for about a minute until just cooked through, stirring frequently. Add some STIR FRY MIX and lower the heat.

  • Place Bok Choy stems, Beans, and Snow Peas in a bowl with 1tsp salt and blanch with boiling water for 1 minute max. Drain blanched veggies well and coat with oil and little salty koji.

  • Mix leafy parts in the pan and cook till lightly wilted and well coated.

  • Add steamed veggies to pan and toss for 30 seconds, remove from heat then add STIR FRY MIX and mix well. Serve to plate immediately and top with more STIR FRY MIX to taste.

  • Sprinkled with Toasted Sesame seeds. Add rice and other elements of the meal to the plate. Enjoy!!