Miso Furikake

Miso Furikake

Have you ever tried sprinkling Furikake seasoning on your rice? It's a beloved staple in Japanese cuisine. For me, Yukari Furikake is my personal favorite. Yukari Furikake has a simple yet delightful flavor, made from Shiso (a Japanese herb similar to basil, also known as Perilla) and salt. However, I've put a little twist on the traditional Yukari Furikake.

Here's the Sasakani version of Furikake. The primary flavor profile is Miso (of course!), carefully balanced with other ingredients to complement the richness of the miso.

Start by mixing a teaspoon of this Furikake into a serving of freshly cooked rice. It's best to let it sit for a few minutes after mixing, allowing the steam from the rice to draw out the umami flavors from each element.

You can also experiment with sprinkling this Furikake over fresh vegetables, tofu, or using it as a marinade for white fish fillets.

Ingredients: Dried Miso, Dried Sake Lee, Dried Wakame, Dried & Roasted Sesame Seeds, and Sumac.